The colours that will be popular in 2023

What colours will be popular in 2023?

Colour trends are exciting because they are fresh and new.

They inspire new ideas for decorating your home and are lovely to look at.

They can show you different and new ways of using a particular colour so you can bring a new look into your home.

Colour trends should be used to inspire not to be taken as what colours you should use in your home.

I believe you should always decorate your home for yourself and in the colours that you love and that make you feel good.

If you want to inject some colour into your home or want to update your colour scheme read on for some colour inspiration.

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What are the popular colours for 2023?

Rejuvenating greens

Greens are still the most popular colour and will be for some time. This is in response to our desire to bring the healing effects of nature indoors. 

Bringing green into your home helps to reduce stress and brings a feeling of tranquility

Choose a green that makes you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Mid-tones like olive green and dark forest greens are the ones we will be seeing most, as well as lighter celery and sage greens. Greens that lean more towards yellow have the uplifting effect that you get from yellow. 

Mix greens with reds in brick tones or pinky browns. Try a tonal green scheme with olives, celery and forest, using one tone as the dominant one in the room.

If you already have a lot of green in your home you may like to update the shade for a fresh new look or include one of the red tones to change things up.

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Sunny, citrusy yellows

Yellow will start popping up in interior decor soon enough, from bright citrusy lemon to the more goldy orange-yellows.

Keep bright colours to a minimum and use plenty of neutrals or toned-down colours to keep the look modern.

Use yellows in accessories or as an accent colour to enjoy the benefits of this sunny hue.

Exterior doors are the perfect place for yellow for a lovely welcome.

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Shades of blue

We will start seeing more shades of blue than we have in the last couple of years. While blue is always popular, the colour has been limited in furniture and home decor.

Shades like clear sky blues to deeper ultramarine and paler cool blues will be the popular ones.  More vivid shades can be paired with softer receding tones such as silvery grey-blues and dark muted blues or blacks so they don’t overwhelm your room.

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Rich reds and muted pinks

For lovers of red, browner tones like brick red and terracotta are still current.

These colours are more liveable than bright reds. They mix well with the on-trend greens like sage and olive or pair them with the softer pinks.

A warm white will keep this look fresh and modern. They also work well with muted shades of blue.

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Soft caramel

With colours continuing to get warmer we are seeing more browns.

Brown becomes popular in times of uncertainty due to its ability to make us feel grounded and secure.

Caramel will be a popular colour in 2023, appearing in furniture and home decor.

A lovely neutral colour that goes well with greens, reds and blues.

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Updating your home with new colours can be as simple as replacing soft furnishings with some new ones in a different colour palette.

There are many ways you can bring new colours into your home including:

  • Updating the colour of your walls to create a whole new look and feel.


  • Replacing soft furnishings and accessories with new ones in a different colour palette.


  • Re-upholstering dated furniture with fabric in a modern new colour.


  • Painting older furniture in a new colour to give it a new lease on life.


Let me know in the comments your favourite way to introduce new colours into your home.


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Happy decorating

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