What colours will we be seeing in 2020?

Spring is here, and it’s the time of year when the paint companies reveal their colour forecasts for next year.

Brighter colours are on the comeback trail.  If you watch ‘The Block’ you will have noticed all the rich, saturated colours they are using to style their interiors.

When we think of minimal interiors, it usually conjures up an image of whites and greys.  This season the whites are warmer, and grey is in smaller doses.  If you like minimal interiors neutrals are still popular, they just warmth than they have been in the last few years. Add texture and layers with linens, rattan and timber to a neutral colour scheme to prevent it from looking boring and dull.

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Dulux has four colour palettes that make up its Essence forecast.

Grounded is the most neutral of the four palettes being a mix of warm neutrals.  These colours will appeal to you if you like a minimal look and neutral coloured walls. The more vivid colours are great for accents. From whites to caramels, pale lavender and a bright terracotta, this palette will create a warm contemporary look to your home. If you aren’t a lover of bold colours, then this palette is likely to inspire you.

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If your colour scheme is in greys, add some caramel accents to bring some warmth to the room.

The Comeback palette consists of varying tones of blue light, dark, blue/greens and blue/purples. The warmer hues in burgundy, rust and mustard are the perfect accent to create a vintage look to your interior.

It is rich and maximalist and the perfect look for homes with vintage furniture and for anyone who loves colour. Velvet and rich textures will really really bring these colours to life.

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Cultivate is a palette of tonal green from blue/greens to yellow-greens with mustard and purple for accent colours.

This palette has a relaxed serenity about it and brings the outdoors in.  It is a lovely backdrop for indoor plants and has a real sense of calm.  

Greens are a good transition from neutrals to more vivid colour as they have such a calming effect. Start with one wall or paint a piece of furniture in green to try it out.  Once you start, you are sure to be hooked.

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Layering green tones in a room will add a serene feeling, including accents of mustard yellow adds warmth.  A successful colour scheme for a sunroom, a space that gets lots of natural light or that looks out on a green garden.  It adds to the sense of flow from outdoors to indoors.

Deeper green tones like emerald or forest green have an elegant look when used in materials like velvet or glass.  Include some metallic accents like gold for a more luxurious feel to your room.

The Indulge colour palette consists of rich, luxurious warm colours. Melons and browns are paired with lilac and deep purple/pinks to create a warm and inviting feel.  Light walls in pastel lilac or off white with accents of burnt orange or salmon looks modern and sophisticated.

Image source: loveyourhome.co.uk

If embracing the new trend of colour sounds too scary, then start with some of the paler shades on your walls and layer with more vivid colours in rugs, cushions and artwork to get used to it.  

If you want more a piece of furniture in a brightly coloured fabric in your accent colour will add a gorgeous focal point to your room.

If you love colour and are ready to go all-in, then paint a whole room in your chosen vivid hue or try painting a room in tonal colours. Don’t forget to include a statement piece in your favourite accent colour.

After such a long time of whites, greys and greiges being the go-to colours, it’s exciting to be seeing so much colour.

‍Which colour palette is your favourite? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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10 September 2019

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