What are the latest colours in bricks?

Bricks were out of favour a few years ago for exteriors with everyone rendering over them but they are now very much back in and the colours and finishes are extensive as is everything these days.

Neutral colours tend to look best on the exterior of our homes because they sit well in the landscape. You can select colours that allow your home to blend into the surrounds or you can choose colour that stand out. Either way there is a brick to suit whichever style you choose.

‍Colour trends have headed in the direction of nature colours like grey, greige, stone and black and bricks have followed these trends. This allows you to create a connection between the exterior and interior.

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PGH Bricks and Pavers released a new brick range a couple of months ago called Pure Linens. The range includes soft neutrals that sit well in any landscape.  Choose from white,  soft light grey,  warmer greige or a dark blue/grey.  Each one giving a different look to the exterior of your home and all work well in either a calm or a more dynamic colour scheme.

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Whether you want to use brick inside or out one of the Pure Linen bricks is sure to provide you with inspiration.

If a light, clean look is your style then there is a multitude of whites, greys, creams and beiges available in bricks. Keep the look calm with an all light colour scheme mixing white with cool greys or warmer beige depending on your preferences. To add some depth and contrast introduce some charcoal greys or deep browns. This adds drama and depth to lighter colours.

If you think an all grey scheme will look dull and drab think again.  Give light greys some contrast and interest by adding some deeper greys or dark navy.  A splash of a greyed white will give this look a fresh contemporary feel.

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If earthier colours are your style red or brown bricks may work really well for you.  These colours look amazing with charcoal, beige, deep green and blue based grey accents. A lovely timeless combination.

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Looking for bricks with some texture? Take a look at the reclaimed bricks for a rustic look that really adds character. They work equally well on a traditional or contemporary home and look fantastic with a black and white scheme to add warmth. They have a lovely variation of colour that will create a focal point to any home.

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You can also use bricks in your interior to create a warm and welcoming feature wall.  With a great range of colours and textures available you can add some real wow factor to a room and have everyone in awe.  With colours like azure, yellow, pink and orange available you can add a bright, bold wall or even use them as a splashback to liven up a neutral coloured kitchen.

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Whether you want smooth, rough, neutral or bright there is a brick that will suit your style and is just perfect for your project.  Check out the range at Austral Bricks and PGH Bricks and Pavers and start planning.

‍Share in the comments below what your favourite bricks are and why.

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19 August 2019

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