What are the best colours for bathrooms?

What are the best colours for bathrooms?

The perfect colours for your bathroom are the ones that create the right mood for your space.

Think about how you want your bathroom to feel.  Do you want it to be relaxing and calm?  Or do you like a stimulating space that gets you up and going?

Greens, blues and pinks are colours that have nurturing qualities, so they are perfect for bathrooms, whether you want a serene spa-like feel or a more stimulating experience.

Bright or deep, saturated colours have more energy and are more stimulating, so tones like hot pink, forest green, teal and navy will make your bathroom a livelier space. 

Using light tones such as sage, duck egg blue, and pale pink is calming and soothing and will help you feel relaxed and unwind.  

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Which colours go together?

Green is connected with nature and helps to bring the outdoors in.  It can be nurturing and restful or refreshing, depending on the tone.  Tones like forest green, emerald and moss can feel tranquil and serene, while mint, apple and aquas can feel revitalising.

Greens look great with timber, whites and greys and give your bathroom a lovely earthy, organic feel. 

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Blues are connected with water and the sky and can be calming and reflective. Blue looks fresh and clean. Navy and white are a classic combination that works well in both contemporary and traditional bathrooms. Turquoise is an energising colour that will give you a kickstart in the morning. 

Blues look perfect with whites, browns, greys and chrome finishes.

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Pinks can be warm and comforting, the perfect colour to surround yourself with after a long day. Surprisingly, pink can look sophisticated when combined with the right colours.

Pale pinks like nude, blush and dusty pinks paired with light or dark grey and whites and gold or brass finishes can give your bathroom a luxe look. 

Deeper, brighter tones of pink like fuchsia and bubblegum are feminine and create a more energetic room.  Great for kids bathrooms or if you want to create a ‘fun’ and memorable space.

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Neutrals like white, grey and beige are always popular for bathrooms and are great background colours because they don’t compete and allow other colours to shine. 

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Why are the right colours so important?

Colour affects us emotionally, and using colours for you can improve your mood and support your wellbeing and so beneficial in the long term.

You are also more likely to love your space for many years to come.

So, giving thought to how your bathroom feels as well as how it looks is important.


I hope this has given you some ideas about what colours you would like to use in your bathroom.

Remember that it is the whole colour scheme that creates the mood and not just one colour.

Find the combination of colours you love and that make you feel good, and you’re well on your way to creating the perfect space for you.

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9 June 2021

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