Imagine having a beautiful coastal home

The Coastal Tones colour palette is for people who want to create that calm and serene coastal style in their home but don’t know where to start or how to choose the right colours

Decorating your home can be fun once you have your colours sorted

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You want your home to have that relaxed coastal look and feel but…..

You wish you had a home you love spending your time in and you are proud to show it off

you have been putting off decorating because you don’t know which colour to use

        and you are scared that you will get it wrong.

you’ve decorated before and the colours didn’t look the way you thought they would.

you want to be confident that your colour choices will work together and you want

        to be able to visualise how they will look.

But how do you do this?

Ready-made Coastal Tones Colour Palette

A pre-selected range of colour that reflect the soft, muted beachside look.

The Coastal Tones colour palette is a range of pre-selected paint colours that will create that carefree coastal look in your home.


Colours inspired by the coastline from soft warm whites and greys to sandy beiges to muted greens, blue-greens and pink. Colours that make you feel relaxed and unwind after a long day.

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Take a look at what you get

A colour palette consisting of 15 coastal-inspired colours

A 15-page guide packed with suggested colour combinations to help you create different looks

Lots of images to help you visualise how your home will look.

Recommendations for which paint finish to use on each surface

Additional decorating suggestions to include in your space

Recommendations on which colours work well in particular rooms and the positive and negative

        effects the colours can have on you.

Every colour name, brand and code so you can go and purchase

Plus loads of tips to help you get your look.


  No more sleepless nights worrying about which colours you are going to paint your home.

You won’t spend endless hours searching for the right colour combination.

No more wasting money on endless sample pots trying to get the right tone.

No more indecision about whether the colours will go together, no more asking

        everyone else’s opinion and getting more and more confused.

 You don’t need to know how to put colours together. Everything is stepped out

         for you with images and suggested colour combinations to achieve different



Hi there,

Hi, I’m Trudi Taylor. I am a colour designer. I believe that everyone should be able to create a home they love regardless of budget, skills or location and this is what I want to provide for you.

I have worked with over 150 homeowners in the last 5 years, helping them create colours schemes for their homes that reflect their style and personalities and that they love coming home to everyday.

Through working with my clients I understand the struggles you go through when you want to a certain look for your home but you don’t know where to start or you’re not sure whether your colours will go together or how they will look.

This is why I have created this colour palette, to help take the guesswork and the indecision out of finding the right colours for a coastal colour scheme.

Knowing your colours will work is a big weight of your mind and you can enjoy the process of decorating.

“The first time I needed help with choices for my bathroom renovation I was lucky enough to chance upon Trudi from Taylored Colour Concepts. The second time I needed help with colour choices for my home exterior I sought her out! If you need help like I did, you have found the right person”.


Pamela Stone, Jerrambomberra, NSW

Trudi provides a professional and extremely helpful service. She provided guidance and support a number of times during the construction of our new home, helping us make decisions, where at times the choices felt overwhelming. We are absolutely delighted with the finished choices, the colours are amazing the way they fit in with what we were trying to achieve in our new family home, thanks so much Trudi!’

Jane, Stirling ACT

All the colour guidance you need to decorate like a pro

A sample of our work


Don't waste anymore time and money.........

Here is the value of what you get

A colour palette of 16 colours

8 colour combinations to create different looks

Paint finish recommendations

Lighting tips

Suggested decorating finishes

Lots of tips to help you get the right colour combination for your home

Instead of paying $500 you get all of this for just


Trudi was terrific! She listened to our colours dilemma and gave a considered response with a lovely sense of style. We are so happy with the colour scheme advised by Trudi for interior and exterior. We highly recommend speaking with Trudi to help your decision-making”


Karen and David, in Turner, ACT