Renovating - where to start

Where to start when redecorating or renovating.

Redecorating or renovating your is fun but challenging, especially if you don’t know where to start.

When you buy a new house, the interior decorating scheme is not usually your style. You are eager to get stuck in and start ripping things out and putting your own personality into it.

Maybe you have lived in your home for quite some time and now have the time and budget to undertake that longed for renovation.

Wherever you are starting from, updating an old decorating scheme can be fraught with anxiety and stress if you make decisions on the fly and haven’t done any planning.


Challenges you may come across redecorating or renovating

There can be many challenges when planning to redecorate or renovate, and trying to integrate old with new can be difficult.

You may have a particular design style that you love, but you can’t visualise how it’s going to look or how you are going to recreating it in your home.

You might love a coastal look and want pale, soft colours, but you have dark, heavy furniture that doesn’t really work with this style. 

Maybe you have light floors, and you can’t afford to change them, but you want an intimate and cosy feeling. Or you have internal brick walls that dictate the colours you can use in your rooms.


Outside, you may hate the colour of your roof but can’t afford to change it, so you need to find a way to disguise it while creating the look you love for the exterior of your home.

All of these things and more can make the whole thing feel overwhelming.

If you break things down and do some preparation, things can start to become clearer and more achievable.


So, where do you begin planning?

Firstly work out what your budget is – how much do you have to spend on your project? This will dictate how big your project can be. It will also help you when it comes time to buy products.  You will know who much you can allocate to each room.

Next, think about what you want to change. What is and isn’t working in each room or externally and why?

Make a list of everything you want to keep. This will help when you are deciding on the style you want and your colour scheme. Anything staying needs to be considered when you are choosing new colours and finishes. 

Do this for interior and exterior if you are doing both.


Once you know what’s staying and going, start to think about the design style you want.

Research online on Pinterest, Houzz and Instagram. Look in magazines or walk around your local area for exterior ideas.

This will help you get ideas of what you want in a home and start to give you an idea of your design style.


You can also start thinking about the colours you want to use.

This is often left to the last minute, and then there’s a mad panic to choose them quickly.

Your colour scheme is more important than you probably realise.

The first thing you connect with when you walk into a room is the colour. Whether you experience a positive or negative response, it is the colours that you are reacting to.

And it’s not just one colour. It’s the combination of the colours used. 

If you want a home you love and feel happy, safe and calm in, the right colour combinations will help you achieve it.

You can see how important colour is to your home’s decorating scheme. And why it’s worth spending plenty of time on it to get it right.


Creating a home that is a true reflection of you and your family takes time and preparation, but you will be glad that you took your time.

If you are planning a renovation, download my free Colour Selections Checklist to help you get your colours and finishes organised.

Until next time,

Happy decorating,

Trudi. x

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