A new colour scheme for a corporate office

The Southern Region Business Enterprise Centre in Queanbeyan wanted to add some warmth and colour to their white and blue office. They wanted their reception waiting area to feel more welcoming and enticing, a space where clients would feel relaxed and that had some style. They wanted to brighten it up a bit and introduce some brighter colours. They also wanted some colour in their training room to make it more appealing and inviting for their students.

We selected a teal for the waiting area walls. This colour was complementary to the existing blues used in the rest of the office. It creates an inviting and warm first impression of the office and still has a corporate feel.

A long white wall between offices and work spaces has been  repainted in a  light blue-green to add subtle colour and complement the teal.

The training room has had some of the walls painted in a lovely soft and calming blue. It gives the room some much-needed colour and interest but doesn’t overwhelm the space. A great colour for a training room as it isn’t distracting or over-stimulating.

The reception area walls are painted in Haymes Kingston’s Rule, the lighter feature wall between the offices is painted in Haymes Sealock and the training room walls are painted in Dulux Seabreeze.

My clients are extremely pleased with the result and have received many complements on the update.