How to make a large room look cosier

Big, spacious rooms can be hard to decorate.  Filling the space and making a large room feel cosy and homely is tricky. 

However, there are a few ways you can try to bring warmth and interest into your space.

If you have a large room and want to make it feel more welcoming and comfy, give some of these ideas a try. 

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Paint your walls a darker colour

Paint is one of the easiest ways to create a cosy feeling in a large room.

Because darker colours absorb light, it helps detract from the room’s size.

If you aren’t brave enough to paint all four walls, then painting just one wall dark and leaving the rest a lighter colour can also help to make a room feel smaller.

There’s nothing like a lovely rich, dark colour on a wall to add warmth to a room.

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Change the perception of the room

If you have high ceilings, paint the ceiling darker than your walls. This gives the illusion of lowering the ceiling and can give your room a more intimate feeling. It doesn’t need to be super dark; just a couple of shades darker will create this illusion.

Lower the look of high walls by adding panelling to the lower half and painting it a different colour or a darker colour to the top half. This tricks the eye into thinking the wall is lower.

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Use matt finishes

Matt finishes absorb light where gloss finishes reflect light and make a room feel larger. Matt is perfect for larger rooms as they help make the space feel smaller. Instead of a gloss finish on your floorboard, use a matt finish.

Using a matt paint finish adds a lovely softness to your walls and richness and depth to the colour. Just be aware that matt paint is harder to clean than higher sheen paint, so it may not be suitable for certain areas of your home.

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Use textures and layers

Add lots of texture to the room by layering fabrics and accessories for warmth and comfort.  Lovely soft curtains at the windows, fluffy textured rugs on the floor, wicker baskets for storage and soft, plush cushions and throws all help to create a cosy atmosphere.

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Large patterns

Use large patterns instead of small busy patterns.  Think large floral designs on wallpaper or curtain and furniture fabrics.  Small prints will feel lost in a large room.

Add a large patterned wallpaper to one wall to create a beautiful feature

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Large furniture

Go for furniture that is in proportion to the size of the room.

Statement pieces of furniture like an oversized modular couch, large coffee table or some big comfy armchairs.  These will look much better in a large space than lots of small pieces, which will give the room a cluttered appearance.

You can then fill any gaps with some smaller pieces.

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As you can see, there are many ways you can decorate larger rooms to create a comfortable and welcoming space.

Implementing a few of these ideas will make a difference in how your room feels.

Have you tried any of these decorating tips before? How did it change your space?


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Happy decorating


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