How to choose the right paint colours for your home

We are spending a lot more time at home these days. It is becoming important for us to surround ourselves with colours and finishes that make us feel relaxed and have a positive effect on our mood.


There is so much stress and unknown in the world right now that our homes are our haven and decorating with colours that we are drawn to and make us feel good, is essential to our wellbeing.



How do you choose the right paint colours?

Choosing the right colours for your home is a bit more than going to the paint shop, selecting some samples and selecting the one you like best.

Of course, you can do that, but you are unlikely to get a colour that enhances your home and give you a look you want.

The first thing to think about is what mood you want to create in your home. Yes, I know you’ve heard it all before, but it is essential if you want your home to be a space that makes you feel safe and relaxed.

How do you want it to feel? Peaceful and tranquil, intimate and dramatic, light and airy or perhaps you require energy and stimulation.

Look on Pinterest and through magazines to find images of homes that catch your eye.

When you have found some pictures you love, think about what you like about the space. Quite often it’s not the actual colours that draw us in but the tone of the colours and the effect they have on the room. Take note of whether they have used light, darker or mid-tones.

The light tones used in the room below give it the light, airy feel.



If you love that airy and calm feeling then pale and light colours have a gentle and soft feel. To pull this look off, you do need to have a home with lots of natural light.

For intimate rooms that envelope you and feel safe and warm using darker colours will create that feeling. Introduce some mid-light tones to balance the dark and prevent it from feeling oppressive, especially if you have naturally darker rooms. For example, if you paint your walls dark blue, painting the trims in a crisp white will lighten the look and frame the wall. 

Mid-tones create a more subtle and subdued space. 

The room below is intimate and inviting thanks to the dark toned walls and floor. The lighter toned elements in the room balance the dark and prevent it from feeling claustrophobic.




Now you have the mood sorted out, think about what colours you love and why?

Do you like cooler colours like blue, green and blue-greens? They are said to be calming, refreshing and tranquil.

Are warmer colours like red, orange and yellow more you because they have more energy, passion and fire.

Then there are the neutral tones of these colours. These tend to be the colours most people choose to decorate their homes in whether that is because they love the look of them or maybe we are scared of brighter colours.

The room below feels tranquil and calm because of the mid-tones used in the room.



Muted versions of any colour will give you a subtle and more subdued look.  They are an excellent alternative to grey, beige or white if you want to add a bit more of your personality to your home.

Once you have decided on the colours that you know will make your home feel warm and welcoming, make sure you paint a large swatch on the walls. The light in any room changes throughout the day, so you need to be sure that you have the right shade of colour to give you the desired look and feel.

We are all drawn to different colours and tones of colour. What is right for you is likely not right for your best friend or your mother.

I hope this helps you on your journey to creating a home that keeps you positive and happy.

Comment below what colours and tones are you mostly drawn to.

Until next time,

Happy decorating


21 April 2020

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