How to boost your wellbeing at home with colour

Choosing colours to decorate your home with is so much more than just selecting some paint colours for your walls.


Yes, this is one part of it, but when you have chosen the right colour scheme for your home, it feels welcoming and soothing. It’s a place you love spending time in and makes you completely relaxed and well, at home.


You can choose the colour that your friend has used in their home or you can just go with white because you think that is an easy option. But will it create the home you really want?

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You know how you feel when you wear an item of clothing that you look great in, and it instantly makes you feel good about yourself. People compliment you on how nice you look. Well, that is how your home should make you feel when you have decorated with the right colours. These are the colours that are really you and a reflection of who you are and you feel comfortable and fabulous when surrounded by them.

Life gets crazy and stressful, and having a place where you can go to hide away and unwind and relax is so beneficial for your overall health and wellbeing.

Colours influence our behaviour and our emotions, and this is why choosing the right colour scheme for you, and your family is so important.

You have rooms where you unwind like your bathroom, bedroom and lounge room. There are spaces where you need to focus like a home office and areas where you socialise and communicate and want to feel more energised.

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So how do you choose the colours that reflect who you are and how you live?

Like the clothes you wear, think about what colours that attract you and why?

What colours make you feel stimulated and give you energy? You can add some of these colours into rooms like your dining room and kitchen.

What colours relax you when you wear them or are surrounded by them? Are there colours in nature like muted greens or dark blues that calm you?

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These are the sorts of questions you should ask yourself before you start to decorate.

And it isn’t just the colour that has an impact on how we feel and behave; it is the tone and the intensity of the colours that affect us also.

Once you have narrowed down the colours that attract you, look at the lighter and darker shades of that colour. Also, look at duller and saturated versions of the colour. Is it a pale baby blue that relaxes you or does a vibrant, deep red gives you focus and motivation?

It doesn’t mean you need to go all out and paint all your walls bright red, just having small amounts of your chosen colours can make all the difference to how you feel and behave.

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So really think about what colours make you feel a certain way. When you surround yourself with these hues, you will realise the power of colour and the amazing effect it has on you.

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