Does your bathroom have a focal point?

There is a fine line between just enough and too much when it comes to colour and finishes in a room.

There are so many choices out there now, and we are constantly bombarded with design ideas on TV that it can be hard to choose what we really want without overdoing it with colours, styles or accessories in our spaces. This can cause us to get more confused by what we want and go the other way by keeping our spaces safe and sometimes boring for fear of how something a little daring will look.

Your bathroom is definitely a room where “less is more” applies. We already include so many necessary accessories that using too many styles or fancy finishes just adds to the chaos.

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Ideally, you want your bathroom to be a calming and relaxing space, away from the clutter and noise in the rest of the house. This may not apply to you if you have one bathroom and kids at home and then it is filled with toys, hair and makeup products, bottles etc.

‍So how can you create a peaceful space that has ample style without overdoing it? ‍Create a fantastic focal point for the room. Then keep the rest simple.

‍So how do you decide what should be the focus? ‍One way to use the is the first thing you see when you walk through the bathroom door. Maybe your vanity is the first thing you see, and this is an excellent place to make your feature.

A vanity with some gorgeous patterned or contrasting tiles behind it can make a bathroom look fantastic.

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Perhaps it’s a beautiful bathtub that you want the focus to be on or a nice big shower. A stunning wallpaper behind a freestanding tub really adds style to any bathroom.  If it’s the shower you want to show off, feature tiles on the walls in the shower or even just in the niches will draw your eye to this section of your bathroom.

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Next, decide how you want to make it stand out. Have you seen a beautiful wallpaper that you think would work really well behind the bathtub or vanity?

If you decide to go with wallpaper in your bathroom, make sure it is appropriate for wet areas and use it in spaces where it won’t get drenched with water.

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If tiles are the way to go for you, then keep brightly coloured, very textured or patterned one section of the bathroom.  This could be one wall, part of a wall, niches or on the floor.

Colour is an easy way to add focus to your room. By playing with contrasting colours, you can really make an impact.  Dark tiles against a light-toned vanity look amazing, or if you love colour, a coloured vanity will really draw your eye if everything else is kept neutral.

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If you like to keep your bathroom neutral and serene, using textures to add interest is easy.  Try a textured tile or wallpaper and pair it will smooth surfaces.  A great inexpensive way is to use designer paint finishes.  There are many finishes to choose from like stone, suede, limewash, cement.  You can create a lovely tactile feature in the look you like for a lot less than the real thing.

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After you have decided where your focal point will be, the rest of the room should be a background colour that supports the focus. It shouldn’t compete with it but sit alongside it and be complementary.

‍You can also add smaller touches of colour and texture in accessories like towels, glass jars and bottles or plants and pots.

I would love to hear your ideas on focal points for bathrooms.  Have you used another way not mentioned in this post?

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‍Happy decorating


22 May 2019

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