Do you want new ideas to refresh your bathroom?

Bathrooms have come a long way in the last few years.

What was once a space with hard surfaces that looked anything but relaxing, calm and inviting has now become one of the most luxurious and welcoming rooms in our home.

With timber, patterned and textured tiles aplenty and sleek and stylish tapware, it’s a wonder we manage to get out of there in the morning!

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Often we struggle with precisely what that is, and that’s where trends can help you to decipher the look you want and the design that will be most functional for you.

A big trend in bathrooms, and other rooms in our home, in 2020 is customisation. We want our homes to be fit for purpose, and that is what a home should be, personal to you and your family.

Bathrooms are a room that requires a lot of thinking about in terms of how it functions and how you want it to feel.

What are must-haves? What is not vital but would be nice to have to make the space feel special?

Even if you aren’t thinking of renovating but want to give your bathroom a new look, just changing one or two things can create a fresh feel.

For instance, you might have coloured tiles that you love but the tapware is a bit old and making the whole bathroom look drab. It’s easy to change you taps to a new shape or colour to add a modern touch.

To help you with your decision making, let’s have a look at what will be trending in bathrooms in 2020.

Colour trends in 2020



Bathroom trends in 2020

Natural materials are becoming more and more popular every year, and it is easy to see why. They add warmth and texture to your bathroom and give us the feeling of being in nature. Materials like timber, stone and marble are the most sought-after choices, and I don’t think that is likely to change anytime soon.  Marble tiles and a timber vanity adds texture and warmth to this light filled bathroom.

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In tapware, chrome and matt black are the most popular choices because they go with most other finishes. However, if you are looking for something a little different, perhaps the best of both worlds, then brushed nickel or gunmetal may be a good option for you. You have the depth and contemporary feel of black with a sheen to it more like chrome.

‍In this bathroom below the tapware is a feature against the light tiles and bath. Chrome tapware wouldn’t have created the statement the nickel does. Black would be a much bigger contrast.

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While top-mounted basins are still a popular choice for many,  vanities with under counter and inset basins are increasing in popularity.  With people wanting clean lines in their home, these are an excellent choice visually, and they are also easier to clean. I have loved the look of moulded basins for a long time and vow to one day own one! This vanity is a stunning statement piece in a simple bathroom.

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Who doesn’t love a statement mirror in their bathroom? I love the beautifully curved edges that are available in bathroom mirrors. They soften the look of a room that can sometimes look hard because of the finishes a bathroom often has. Geometric shapes, circular and arches are the latest styles as well as mirrors with a defogger.

You can now also choose a mirror to match your vanity or joinery so it will fit right into your colour scheme! The timber mirrors in this bathroom allows the mirrors to become part of the colour scheme. The tapware adds contrast in colour without taking the focus from the mirrors and vanity.

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That’s just a few ideas to get you started on updating your bathroom to give it a fresh new look.

‍Remember, updating just one thing in your bathroom can make a lot of difference to the look. You don’t need to do a whole bathroom renovation to make it feel more modern.

‍What is your favourite design trends in 2020? Let us know in the comments.

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Happy decorating


29 February 2020

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