Colour combinations to improve your exterior

Which colour combinations will help to improve the exterior of your home?

There are colour combinations that always look great together and will give you a timeless look and give your exterior a refresh.

The look you want to create, the location and the style of your house will help to guide you with the right colours for your exterior.

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There are loads of colour combinations you could go for.

Generally, in Australia, we go for neutral and natural tones on our exteriors because they work well in harsh sunlight and sit well in the environment.

But this doesn’t mean you have to stick to these colours.  There are homes out there that are painted in beautiful muted tones of blues, greens, caramels and ochres.

It depends on what look you want for your home and whether you want it to blend in or stand out.

Tips on how to choose an exterior colour scheme.

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Here are some exterior colour combinations that go well together to create a beautiful colour scheme.

Blue and White - a timeless combination

Blue and white are a lovely, fresh combination and are sure to improve the look of your exterior.

It works well for more traditional-style homes. If you have a brown, red, orange or charcoal roof, blue and white look great with these colours and can give your home a timeless and classic appeal.

Some suggested colours are Dulux Guild Grey and Dulux Hatstand  

Muted shades of blue-green with white are another combination that works especially well on weatherboard homes that are coastal.  Grey can be added in as an accent colour to mix things up a bit.

Some suggested colours to try are Dulux Filippa, Dulux Relax or Haymes Pinetop.

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Green and white - fresh and organic

Green works well in leafy surroundings.  It can help a home to sit harmoniously in this type of setting and feel like it belongs.

Select a green that is in a similar shade to the setting and use either a lighter or a darker version, depending on the look you are going for.

Painting trims in white will keep the green looking fresh.

Greens also work well with browns, reds, oranges and greys. If you have a roof or bricks in any of these colours, then updating your exterior with a shade of green can give you a natural, earthy feel to your home.  

Olive greens look great with warm white and browner tones whereas softer, cooler shades like sage work with a crisper white and greys.

Greens to try are Dulux Moorland or Tranquil Green or Haymes Sage.

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Tone on tone brown - subtle and stylish

Browns disappeared for a while when grey took over but it is now back in favour and there are a lot more exterior products available in brown shades now. 

Browns can range from lighter beiges to caramels right through to darker chocolate browns. They go well with warm whites, greens, creams, warm greys and orange.  Browns also work with yellow but keep the yellow muted.

Tonal brown schemes, meaning different shades of brown, make a successful exterior colour scheme. 

A mid-toned brown roof, with beige walls and dark brown trims and garage door, is an easy way to create a balanced and interesting colour scheme. 

Just keep to contemporary shades of brown instead of mission brown, so it looks fresh and modern.

Browns with some grey added to them will give your home a modern and up-to-date new look.

Some brown to look at are Haymes Whitewash 4 or Organic 5 and Dulux Candlebark or Fossil Grey.

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Grey and white - a classic combo

Grey and white is still a popular colour combination choice.  From cool blue-based grey and white to muddy, warm grey with warm white and charcoal and crisp white, there is a combination to suit any lover of this colour scheme.

Look at the style of your home and the surrounding area to select one that is right for you.  You can play around with various shades of your preferred grey to give you a harmonious colour scheme that has variation and interest.  White trims will help to brighten a grey colour scheme.

Weatherboard homes look lovely in this colour combo.

Grey suggestions are Dulux Milton moon and Diffused Grey and Haymes Phantom and Balance.

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Yellow, white and grey - fresh and sweet

Now here’s a controversial one…….yellow.  I don’t mean bright yellow but a soft pale yellow.  Pair it with white and grey to keep it looking contemporary. Lovely for a coastal-style weatherboard home.

Bring a pop of turquoise in on the front door for a modern, beachy touch.

Look at colours like Dulux White Starlight or Hinuera.

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So there you have some ideas that aren’t all grey and white but still contemporary.

Most colour schemes can look good when the colours are used in the right tones and proportions to create a balanced look.

Here are some tips to help you when considering your exterior colour scheme.

  • Consider your fixed elements before choosing a new colour.  
  • Always look at colours in combination with each other, not in isolation.  They have to work together as a whole scheme and feel harmonious.
  • Look at and test colours outside before making a final decision.  Colours look very different outside from what they do inside and colours look different in shade from what they do in sunlight.

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24 June 2022

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