Calming bedroom colours for a good night’s sleep

Decorating your bedroom with calming colours can help promote a good night’s sleep.

Not only should you choose colours that you love, but you should also consider how they make you feel.

Whether you love a light and airy feel or prefer dark and intimate, the colours you use set the room’s mood and can help you relax and unwind.

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Calming Colours that help promote sleep

Everyone has different colours that make them feel relaxed and calm.  

However, certain colours have been proven to help us relax and slow down our heart rate.

It’s not just the colour that is important. It is also the tone of colour that has this effect on us.

So which are calming bedroom colours to help promote a good night’s sleep?

Blue helps to calm the mind

Blue, in particular, paler shades of blue help calm the mind and prepare you for sleep.

Blues are associated with water and the sky, and these tend to make us feel more restful.

Find a blue shade you love and decorate your bedroom with it.

Whether you paint the walls blue or use blue in accessories is up to you.

Bring in textures that you love to add to the cosiness.

Blue shades include baby blue, sky blue, powder blue, cornflower blue, teal, aqua, navy and petrol.

You can use varying shades of blue or mix it up with white, grey, pink or whatever colours make your bedroom feel relaxing to you.

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Green for a balance and rejuvenation

Green is associated with nature, which helps us feel more at peace and ready for a good night’s sleep.

Darker greens can make a room feel cosy and cocooning.  So if you like your bedroom to feel more intimate and snugly, then a deeper shade works well.

Try forest green or deep olives.

A lighter shade of green will create a tranquil space for a more serene feeling.

Try sage, mint, and pistachio.

Include some white timber finishes and tan accents for a truly organic and natural space.

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Pink is physically calming and nurturing

Pink has the effect of physically calming us, especially in lighter shades.

Muted and dusty shades of pink are more grown-up and sophisticated and look beautiful paired with white and timber finishes and touches of tan and nude tones.

How much you use is up to you.  You don’t have to paint the walls pink to feel the effects.  Just using it in your quilt cover or accessories is enough.  

Introduce some metallic accents with lamps and accessories for a luxe feel. 

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Brown for grounding

Shades of brown help us to feel grounded, safe and warm and are perfect restful colours for the bedroom.

There are many shades of brown to choose from including beige, latte, cinnamon and chocolate.

Just the names make you feel warm and cosy!

Use varying tones of brown to keep the room interesting.  Greyish shades of brown will give the room a more contemporary look.

Warm whites pair well with brown tones for a calm and peaceful bedroom scheme and prevent it from looking dull.

Using timber accessories will keep the look organic and earthy.

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Purple for relaxation

Soft, muted shades of purple are perfect for relaxation and contemplation.

Whilst it’s not a colour, you would likely paint your walls unless you love purple. It is perfect for a quilt cover or accessories like a chair or cushions.

A soft lavender shade would be beautiful on the walls if you are a purple lover.

Grey, black, white, and blues go well with purple and keep the look contemporary.

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Always choose colours and tones that you love and, which help you feel relaxed and calm.

You don’t have to use a lot of a particular colour to feel the effects.

Play around with colour proportions to get a look that is right for your bedroom.

For more bedroom colour schemes check out my Pinterest board.

Until next time.

Happy decorating,

Trudi x

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