5 Top Tips for Choosing Colours for your Gutters, Fascias and Windows.

I get a lot of queries about what colours exterior trims like gutters, fascias, downpipes and windows should be. It is an area that people really struggle with.  ‍The most common questions I get are “should my gutters blend in with the walls or the roof?” or “should my fascia match the gutters?” or “what colour should I paint my downpipes?”‍

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Are you scared of dark colours? You need to read this

So many people are afraid of dark colours. The most common thinking is that it will make rooms feel smaller. For this reason so many people go with all white.But dark walls don’t necessarily make a room look smaller. Painting a wall in a very dark colour can make it disappear and bring the focus to what is on the wall.

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Why Colour Is So Important To Get Right

Colour is one of those things that a lot of people take for granted. They paint their house the first white they find, they go and select a beige carpet and white kitchen cupboards, a grey benchtop and that is the last time they think about it. They don’t mind the result but they don’t love it.

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Colour combinations to make your home’s exterior a success

An exterior colour scheme is one that is often overlooked or not given as much thought as the interior.  The exterior of your home is the first impression someone has of your home and gives a glimpse of your style and personal taste.  Get your colour scheme wrong and you will be agonising over it every time you arrive home and it is costly to fix, but get it right and you will love coming home to it everyday.

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What colours will we be seeing in 2020?

Spring is here, and it’s the time of year when the paint companies reveal their colour forecasts for next year.Brighter colours are on the comeback trail.  If you watch ‘The Block’ you will have noticed all the rich, saturated colours they are using to style their interiors.

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