Are you struggling with exterior colours?

Are you struggling with the decision of what colours to choose for the exterior of your home? You have probably searched Pinterest and driven around the suburbs looking for inspiration and getting ideas of what you like.

These are great things to do to get you started.  You will most likely get a good idea of the look you want and the colours that you like but when it’s time to actually select the colours you can become overwhelmed by the number of colours you have to choose from.

While the latest colour trends are not the only way to go, they do give you insight into what colour combinations go well together and can get you on the right track to what you want.

Exterior colour trends

Greige is popular for exteriors at the moment. It is grey and beige, a versatile warmer grey that works really well in many exterior settings, and it looks fantastic with black, white, dark grey, wood and stone.  It works equally well for traditional and contemporary homes. It’s a good choice if you like the look of grey but not the coolness of it.

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Grey is a classic colour and will never be out of fashion. With black and white, it is a timeless combination and looks great in both coastal and urban surrounds. It looks lovely with natural materials like timber and stone.

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White exteriors are prominent at the moment whether it’s for walls or trims.  Warm whites or greyed whites tend to look best outside as they don’t have the glare of cooler, bright whites.  Dulux White Exchange or Lexicon are good whites for outside use as is the Haymes Greyology series.  They give you the clean, crisp look of white without the glare.  White looks fresh and classic with black and grey.  Using some timber or stone will add warmth to white.

For tips on how to select an exterior colour scheme click here

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Green-based greys and beiges look great on exteriors, and they work really well in natural surrounds.  They don’t throw as much undertone as blue-based and purple-based greys. They work really well with browns, reds, oranges and greens which are very common for older houses.

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Greens, like sage and forest, grey and white make a lovely earthy colour scheme that sits well in leafy surrounds. Any of these colours will add a modern look to your home, whether your home is more traditional or contemporary.

Choosing the shade that is right for you can be a challenge but looking at the colours in your surroundings and other houses in your neighbourhood can help to give you some ideas.

If you are struggling to choose the best colours for your home a colour consultant can help you make the right choice for you and the style of your home.

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11 February 2019

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