“creating a space that is personal to you…”


Hi, I’m Trudi. 

I am a colour designer and owner of Taylored Colour Concepts, based on the NSW Mid North Coast.

I have been in business for 5 years and have done over 150 colour consultations.

From my consultations, I have found that choosing colours is the things that people struggle with the most when renovating or building.

We are bombarded with information and so many choices when it comes to decorating our homes, and when it comes to doing it yourself, this is when it gets overwhelming.

This is the reason I started my business, to help you overcome the confusion and stress of selecting colours and guide you in choosing the right colour scheme for your home.

I have created online resources to help you DIYers make the perfect colour choices, and I offer personalised colour consultations to give you more indepth help.

I have a diploma in colour design from the International School of Colour and Design and have studied colour psychology.

If you feel you need some help trying to find the perfect colour scheme for your home or you just need some advice to get you started, then check out my colour consulting packages to find one that suits your needs.