5 ways to use grout in your bathroom

We are always looking for ways to bring a modern touch to our homes. We tend to shy away from using bright colour for fear of how it will look at that it will date quickly.

Tiles can be a relatively inexpensive way of bringing some colour, shape or pattern into your home.  You can use them in small sections, and they can have quite an impact, like for a splashback or niches in your bathroom.

Your grout is another cost-effective way that you can create a focal point and add some personality to your home.

Like every other product these days grout has come a long way, and there are so many colours available you can have pretty much any colour you like.

Here are 5 ways you can use grout to add something different and stylish to your bathroom.

‍1. Coloured grout can lift a basic, simple tile and make it look stylish. If you are laying a basic white subway tile in a brick pattern, by using a darker grey grout you can accentuate the design and add interest to your wall.

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2. If you like the idea of having a feature wall in your bathroom laying coloured tiles in an interesting pattern, like a herringbone pattern or any other way you choose, then use a grout that contrasts with the tile to add depth to the wall.

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If you like the look of dark grout with white tiles a dark grey is softer than black. Black can be too stark a contrast against the white.

3. If you brave with colour why not paint part of your walls in a bold colour. Use a plain white tile on the remaining section and use a grout to match the colour of the wall. This will unify the rooms and soften the look of the white tile.

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4. For a more subtle look use a grout colour of your choice and match some accessories to it. This will balance the tone in the room, and you will have a unique bathroom with a lovely touch of colour.

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5. Why not add a little luxury to your bathroom by matching your grout to your tapware.  Using a metallic grout will a sophisticated look to your tiles without splashing out on high-end products.

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Which one of these ideas is your favourite?  Let me know in the comments below.

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14 May 2019

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