5 Top Tips for Choosing Colours for your Gutters, Fascias and Windows.

I get a lot of queries about what colours exterior trims like gutters, fascias, downpipes and windows should be. It is an area that people really struggle with.  

‍The most common questions I get are “should my gutters blend in with the walls or the roof?” or “should my fascia match the gutters?” or “what colour should I paint my downpipes?”

There is no one answer because it depends on the style of your home and what your personal preferences are. But, if you are building, renovating or just updating your exterior’s colour scheme, here are my top tips to help you make you home look impressive from the outside.

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What colours should you choose for gutters, fascias and windows?

Tip 1.

Let’s start with gutters. The first thing you should consider is the style of the roof.

If you have a flat roof and you can’t see it, your gutters can either be a contrasting colour and tone to the walls of your house or you can have them blend  into the walls. If you choose to a contrasting colour this will add definition to the roof line. I would advise you select a colour the same as your windows or other trim.

‍If your roof has a slight pitch and you don’t see a lot of it then matching the gutters to the colour of the roof will extend the roof line as will painting the fascia the same colour. This will again define the roof line.

If you have a high pitched roof and it is very visible then you may need to keep the gutters and fascia in a similar colour and tone to the walls of the house. This will help balance out the proportions of roof to the body of the house and prevent it from looking too heavy.

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Tip 2.

Your fascia should blend in with either the gutters or the walls. As I mentioned before, this will depend on how much emphasis you want on the roof line.

Wide fascia and detailing on the gables on more traditional home look great painted in a contrasting colour to the walls and roof to make them the feature of your home. Keep the colour scheme consistent by painting all the trims in the same colour.

Ideally, you want your house to look balanced so pay attention to the proportions of your home and how you can create a well proportioned look.

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Tip 3.

Eaves on traditional homes look best kept light in a similar colour and tone to the walls or the fascia. Timber is a popular choice for contemporary homes and look great if you have other timber elements on your exterior.  

Dark eaves can look good on a modern home with a flat roof where the roof and all trims are also dark.

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Tip 4.

Downpipes aren’t a feature of your home and best painted in a colour as close as possible to the colour of the wall it is against. This allows it to blend into the wall instead of standing out.

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Tip 5.

Choose the colour of your windows with the rest of your colour scheme in mind. If you have decorative windows with beautiful thick architraves then you might want these to be the feature of the house, and therefore, contrast with the body of the house. White or a light colour look fantastic on these windows along with the rest of the trims. Black can look very heavy here.

If your house is a contemporary design black or a dark coloured window “disappears” into the colour scheme and allows other features of the home to stand out. If you windows aren’t a focal point of your home, I suggest you blend them into the colour scheme.

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I hope this has given you a clearer idea of what colours to choose for your gutters, fascias and other exterior trims.

‍If you need more help selecting the right colours for your exterior trims book a FREE 15 minute discovery call with me and we can have a chat about which are the best colours for your home.

‍Until next time,

‍Happy decorating


29 July 2020

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