4 Coastal Inspired Looks and How to Achieve Them

There is no doubt that coastal style is one of the most sought after looks for our homes. Colours and finishes inspired by the beach lend themselves to a wide range of tastes, from classic coastal to a more bohemian laid-back look.

The Coastal look is extremely versatile and can be created in any home regardless of whether you like traditional, casual and rustic, or you have higher-end tastes.

And while coastal style may look effortless, there are a few elements you need to have to get the look right.

1. Boho Coastal

The coastal boho look is a favourite because of its relaxed, lived-in vibe. Lots of texture is the key to this look, nothing too precious or fancy. 

How to nail this look:

  • furniture and finishes in natural materials like timber, cane and rattan.  A worn, rustic look suits this style well. 
  • Pendant lights in cane and rattan 
  • Handmade decor will add personality to the look.
  • Textured rugs add warmth.  Natural fibres like sisal and jute are perfect.
  • Add more texture and colour with soft furnishings like cushions and throws.
  • Indoor plants are a must
  • Timber floor either natural or whitewashed  
  • The colour palette is greyed out tones, nothing too bright and saturated.
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2. Luxe Coastal

Coastal style doesn’t have to mean rustic and casual.  You can create a luxe look using clean line and keeping finishes and furniture minimal.

  • Furniture in natural materials like timber, can or rattan with clean lines and smooth textures. 
  • A soft greyed out colour palette. Introducing some deeper colours can up the luxe feel.
  • Wall panelling like wainscoting adds texture and interest while keeping the look minimal
  • Stone or cement basins with brass, copper or black tapware can add elegance to bathrooms.
  • Pendant lights in natural fibres, as well as in rugs and accessories, are perfect.
  • Large tiles in natural materials like cement or stone in coastal tones like greys and sand reference the coastline.
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3. Traditional Coastal

You can give a traditional home a coastal look by using a colour palette that echoes the beach and nothing too ornate and overly fussy.

  • Colours are washed out or greyed-out and reflects the colours of the coast
  • Select cupboards doors with a classic profile in muted soft colours
  • Wall panelling like wainscoting or natural stone feature walls looks great in traditional homes and adds texture and interest.
  • Tiles in a cement or stone look are timeless classics and work well in a traditional home
  • Seagrass wallpaper adds texture to walls
  • Light to mid-toned timber floors 
  • White-washed or rustic timber furniture 
  • Brushed chrome, brass or copper tapware adds a rustic touch
  • Sheer curtains or plantation shutters on windows let in natural light and are in keeping with the beach look
  • Fabrics in natural materials like linen
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4. Hamptons

Arguably the most popular coastal look at the moment is Hamptons style. It is a classic look but has a relaxed feel to it.

  • White or light coloured walls. You can introduce deeper colours in accessories like cushions and artwork. Blues are popular in this style.
  • Plantation shutters or sheer curtains for windows 
  • Timber floors.  If you prefer carpet, use natural beachy tones. 
  • Shaker style cupboard doors
  • Pendant lights
  • Wall panelling like wainscoting adds texture and interest to walls
  • Natural fibre rugs in jute or sisal or textured rugs with geometric patterns
  • Timber or white-washed tables and overstuffed comfortable fabric-covered  chairs.
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Create your coastal look now

The colour palette is key in a coastal look. Colours should be soft and muted, nothing overly bright and saturated. You don’t need to stick with white, pale colours or soft darker tones that reflect what you see at the beach is the way to get this look right.

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