3 Ways to add character to boring walls

Do you have walls in your home that are plain and boring and you don’t know what you can do to make them look good?

Some rooms need something more than just paint to bring them to life.  If you have an expanse of wall that you want to give some personality, then read on for some ideas.


There is a multitude of wallpaper styles and designs to choose from so you can create any look that you like. Papering one or more walls will bring interest to a room through colour, pattern or texture.

Dark wallpaper will add depth or a feeling of intimacy, a bold or bright pattern can bring life to a small room.

Image source: misslolo.co.nz

Intricate and elaborate designs add a sophisticated edge to a powder room. This is the perfect way to give any room that hotel-like feel.
Wallpaper is the perfect application for spaces like powder rooms, lounge rooms and bedrooms.

Image source: intl.target.com

VJ Panelling

If you want to give boring walls, some character, VJ panelling adds character to walls and has loads of appeal. If you have a wall that needs some texture, cladding it with panelling is a great solution. You can paint the wall neutral, and the lines will add texture and interest.

Image source: norsu.com.au

If an entire wall of panelling is too much, try installing the panelling half the wall and paint it a contrasting colour to the rest of the wall. This introduces a focal point, won’t overwhelm your space and it will highlight any furniture that sits in front of the wall. This look works a treat in any room.

It can be laid either vertically or horizontally, depending on the design of your room. It works equally well for a contemporary home as it does for a traditional home.
You can apply VJ panelling to any room but looks great behind a bed as a feature, in the bathroom halfway up the wall or in a sitting room or room.

Image source: enthusiastized.com

Textured and rendered

There are many textured paints on the market these days. They are great for giving walls a point of difference, whether you choose just one wall or all walls. A rendered interior wall adds gorgeous texture, and it can still be painted a subtle colour or bolder if you prefer. The texture alone can really make a big difference to a room that is painted in neutral colours.

Image source: detail.com.au

The great thing about all of these ideas is that they can be changed easily and at a minimal cost. So you can change the look of your room as often as you like.

I think it’s nice to bring your own personality into your home and these are all great ways to do it.

What is your favourite out of these ideas? Leave a comment below.

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Happy decorating


1‍3 April 2020

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